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August 10–12, 2006
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Table of Contents



Invited Talk

  • On a Global Education and Examination System
  • J.L. Masse ( Abstract Only)

Actuarial and Statistical Models

  • A Multivariate Tweedie Family with Applications to Risk Measurement
  • E. Furman, Z. Landsman ( Abstract Only)
  • Bayesian Inference Resistant to Outliers, Using Super Heavy–Tailed Distributions, for the Calculation of Premiums
  • J. Angers, A. Desgagne ( Abstract)
  • J. Angers, A. Desgagne ( Presentation Slides)
  • Credibility Theory for Generalized Linear Models
  • J. Garrido, J. Zhou ( Complete Article)
  • Extreme Behavior of Multivariate Phase–Type Distributions
  • A. Asimit, B. Jones ( Abstract Only)
  • Fitting Combinations of Exponentials to Probability Distributions
  • D. Dufresne ( Abstract Only)
  • Modeling and Estimating Individual and Firm Effects with Panel Data
  • J. Angers, D. Desjardins, G. Dionne, F. Guertin ( Abstract Only)

Insurance Topics

  • Actuarian R Package for Actuarial Science
  • V. Goulet ( Abstract Only)
  • Actuarial Judgment in the Calculation of Medical Liability
  • J. Gamage, J. Linfield, K. Ostaszewski ( Complete Article)
  • An Alternative Approach to Calculation of IBNR Reserve in Health Insurance
  • J. Gamage, J. Linfield, K. Ostaszewski ( Complete Article)
  • Ascertainment Bias in Estimating Rates of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: A Critical Illness Insurance Application
  • C. Espinosa, A. Macdonald ( Abstract)
  • C. Espinosa, A. Macdonald ( Presentation Slides)
  • Assessing Alternative Financing Methods for the Canadian Health Care System in View of Population Aging
  • D. Andrews ( Complete Article)
  • Determinants of Group Health Insurance Demand
  • J. Munoz Perez, T. Sinha ( Complete Article)
  • Loaded Participation Rates for Equity–Indexed Annuities
  • P. Gaillardetz ( Complete Article)

Mortality Issues

  • Application of Epidemiological Models in Actuarial Mathematics
  • R. Feng, J. Garrido ( Complete Article)
  • Entropy, Longevity and Annuities
  • S. Haberman, M. Khalaf–Allah, R. Verrall ( Abstract Only)
  • Method to Develop a Provision for Adverse Deviation (PAD) for the Longevity Risk for Impaired Lives
  • S. Ranasinghe ( Abstract)
  • S. Ranasinghe ( Complete Article)
  • Mortality Improvement Scales for the Canadian Insured Lives
  • M. Hardy, J.S. Li, K. Ta ( Abstract Only)
  • Robust Estimation of Generalized Additive Models in the Calculation of Mortality Tables
  • E. Flores, A. Perez ( Abstract Only)


  • Pension Plan Evaluation Using Conditional Tail Expectation (CTE)
  • R. Delsanne, C. Pichet, C. Turcotte ( Abstract)
  • R. Delsanne, C. Pichet, C. Turcotte ( Presentation Slides)
  • Policyholder Behavior Study in Variable Annuity with Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit
  • Y. Liu ( Abstract)
  • Y. Liu ( Presentation Slides)
  • The Effects on the Funding and Contribution Variance Using the Modified Spreading Model
  • D. Gomez, S. Haberman, M. Owadally ( Abstract Only)

Finance Theory

  • A Bias Reduction Technique for Monte Carlo Pricing of Early Exercise Options
  • M. Davison, M. Reesor, T. Whitehead ( Abstract)
  • M. Davison, M. Reesor, T. Whitehead ( Presentation Slides)
  • Decomposing Loan Portfolio Value–at–Risk and Expected Shortfall
  • T. Fan, Z. Li ( Abstract Only)
  • Equity Indexed Annuities: the Quest for Optimality
  • P. Boyle ( Abstract Only)
  • Implementation of Arbitrage–Free Discretization of Interest Rate Dynamics and Calibration of Swaptions and Caps in Excel VBA
  • O. Kim ( Complete Article)
  • Multivariate Modeling of Asset Returns for Investment Guarantees Valuation
  • M. Boudreault, C–M. Panneton ( Abstract)
  • M. Boudreault, C–M. Panneton ( Presentation Slides)
  • Optimal Investment Strategy in a Discrete-Time Model with Regime–Switching and Uncertain Time–Horizon
  • Z. Li, K. Tan, H. Yang ( Complete Article)
  • Optimal Mean–Variance Investment for an Insurer
  • W. Guo ( Abstract Only)
  • Quality Control of Risk Measures: Backtesting Var Models
  • V. de la Pena, R. Rivera, J. Ruiz–Mata ( Abstract)
  • V. de la Pena, R. Rivera, J. Ruiz–Mata ( Presentation Slides)
  • Quantifying and Correcting the Bias in Estimated Risk Measures
  • M. Hardy, J. Kim ( Abstract Only)
  • Random Switching Times Among Randomly Parameterized Regimes of Random Interest Rate Scenarios
  • J. Bridgeman ( Complete Article)
  • The Theoretical Problem of Managing a Fund by Entering into Independent Bets
  • M. Dufour ( Abstract Only)

Risk Theory

  • An Integro–Differential Equation for a Sparre Andersen Model with Investments
  • C. Constantinescu, E. Thomann ( Abstract)
  • C. Constantinescu, E. Thomann ( Presentation Slides)
  • Bounds on the Ruin Probability in a Controlled Risk Model
  • M. Dia–sparra, R. Romera ( Abstract Only)
  • Extreme Value Analysis for Partitioned Insurance Losses
  • J. Henry III, P. Hsieh ( Abstract Only)
  • Lundberg–Type Approximations for Defective Renewal Equations: a Heavy–Traffic Perspective
  • J. Blanchet ( Abstract Only)
  •  Multivariate Phase Variables and Recursion Principles
  • K. Eisele ( Abstract Only)
  • The Dividends–Penalty Identity and the Optimal Dividend Barrier
  • S. Lin ( Abstract Only )