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Table of Contents

Actuarial Education & Research

Another Open Educational Resource
E. Frees
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Social Media Analysis of Catastrophic Response: Twitter Data Analysis of Tornadoes
D. Hall, K. Shang, S. Siegel
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Society of Actuaries Education Update
S. Klugman
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Catastrophes & Reinsurance

Split-Atom Convolution for Probabilistic Aggregation of Catastrophe Losses
R. Wojcik, C. W. Liu, J. Guin
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Enterprise Risk Management

A Conditional Equity Risk Model for Regulatory Assessment
A. Floryszczak, J. Levy Vehel, M. Majri
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Looking at OSFI's Recent LICAT Guideline through a Cost of Capital Lens
J. Manistre
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Finance Applications

Assessing the Effectiveness of Local and Global Quadratic Hedging under GARCH Models
M. Augustyniak, F. Godin, C. Simard
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Dynamic Nonparametric Analysis of Nonstationary Portfolio Returns and Its Application to VaR and Forecasting
S. Efromovich, J. Wu
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Healthcare Modeling

Improving the Prediction of Re-admissions Amongst Medicare Patients in a California Hospital
N. Huynh, H. Fallah, D. Robbins-Kelley
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Mortality & Longevity

Bayesian Inference for Small Population Longevity Risk Modelling
L. Chen, A. Cairns, T. Kleinow
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High Age Mortality and Frailty: Some Remarks and Hints for Actuarial Modeling
E. Pitacco
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On Equality and Inequality in Stationary Populations
D. Swanson, L. Tedrow
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The Gamma-Exponential Mix Model CDF
T. Edwalds, R. Hilton
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Property & Casualty

General Insurance Deductible Ratemaking
G. Lee, E. Frees
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Identification of the Age-Period-Cohort Model for Incomplete Development Triangles
T. Hartl
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Researching the Risks of Tomorrow – Actuarial Insights on Automated Vehicles
J. Charak
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Retirement and Life Insurance

A Framework for Measuring Risk of Contingent Indexation for Defined Benefit Pension Plan
L. Adam
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Optimal Decumulation Strategy during Retirement with the Purchase of Deferred Annuities
A. Chen
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Performance Analysis of Equity Index Universal Life Insurance
L. Liang, Z. Wu
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Variable Annuities with VIX-linked Fee Structure under a Heston-type Stochastic Volatility Model
Z. Cui, R. Feng, A. MacKay
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Risk Measures

Fuzzy System Approach for Assessing Risk in Insurance
M. Koissi, A. Shapiro
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Value-at-risk and Tail-Value-at-Risk given a Linguistic Perspective
S. S. Appadoob, A. Shapiro, A. Thavaneswaran
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Statistical Methods

A Simple Approach to Evaluate the Distribution of Aggregate Claims
K. R. Thiagarajah
View Abstract

Cramér-von Mises Estimation Based on Probability Generating Functions and Box-Cox Transform for Count Data
C. Bilodeau, A. Luong
View Abstract

Predictive Risk Modeling for Information Systems
M. Anthony, M. Ishmael, E. Santa, A. Shemyakin, N. Vandeweghe
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A Study on Effective Factors of Insurance Companies’ Solvency via Panel Data Model
G. Mahdavi, J. Moniri
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