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Table of Contents



  • Actuarial Education
  • Actuarial Education: Theory into Practice
  • A. Butt
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  • Technology Enhanced Learning for Actuarial Science Education
  • E. Frees, M. Rosenberg
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  • Dependence Models
  • Actuarial Applications of Multivariate Two-Part Regression Models
  • E. Frees, X. Jin, X. Lin
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  • Modeling Multivariate Risk - To Copula, or Not To Copula: That is the Question
  • S. Lin, S. Lee
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  • Optimal Reinsurance with Positive Dependence
  • W. Wei, J. Cai
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  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Behavioral Economics: Implications for Enterprise Risk Management
  • R. Gorvett
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  • Finance
  • An Out-of-Sample Analysis of Investment Guarantees for Equity-Linked Products: Lessons from the Financial Crisis of the Late-2000s
  • M. Augustyniak, M. Boudreault
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  • Hedging Equity-Linked Products Under Stochastic Volatility Models
  • A. MacKay
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  • Suboptimality of Asian Executive Indexed Options
  • C. Bernard, P. Boyle, J. Chen
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  • The Herd Behavior Index: A New Measure for Estimating the Degree of Systemic Risks in Financial Markets
  • J. Dhaene, D. Linders, W. Schoutens, D. Vyncke
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  • Health Insurance
  • Long Term Accumulation of Wealth: The Case of a Small Health Insurance Company
  • N. Humphreys
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  • Mortality and Longevity
  • A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Multi-population Mortality Forecasting
  • B. Hartman and J. Li
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  • Non-Life Insurance
  • Modeling Motorcycle Insurance Rate Reduction Due to Mandatory Safety Courses
  • S. Huang, J. Vadiveloo, E. Valdez, G. Lapidus
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  • Pensions
  • The Evolution of a Pension Consulting Practice and the Role of Actuarial Malpractice Litigation
  • R. Joss
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  • On the Absolute Ruin Problem in a Sparre Andersen Risk Model with Constant Interest
  • R. Mitric, A. Badescu, D. Stanford
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  • Statistical Methods
  • Calculating Arithmetic Mean Returns: It Is Harder than It Looks!
  • R. Joss
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  • CSTEP: a HPC Platform for Scenario Reduction Research on Efficient Stochastic Modeling--Representative Scenario Approach
  • Y. Chueh, P. Johnson, Jr.
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  • Esscher Approximations for Maximum Likelihood Estimates - Exploratory Ideas
  • J. Bridgeman
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  • Validating the PRIDIT Method for Determining Hospital Quality with Outcomes Data
  • R. Lieberthal, D. Comer, K. O'Connell
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  • Variable Selection in GLM with Actuarial Applications
  • W. Zheng, B. Hartman
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