2017 Candidate Questionnaire - Christine Hofbeck

Christie Hofbeck

Christine Hofbeck, FSA 2000, MAAA

Lebanon, NJ

Brief Description of the type of work you currently do:

Following over a decade as a lead Consulting Actuary in the retirement space for Kwasha Lipton/PWC, I began building predictive analytics capabilities for large global insurers. I successfully built out this function for AIG’s Property/Casualty Consumer and Commercial lines and Prudential’s Group Life business. My trailblazing work in this space has been featured in many publications including The ActuarySync Magazine, and National Geographic’s documentary television series Breakthrough. I recently left my position as Head of Pricing and Predictive Analytics at Prudential’s Group Insurance to pursue a short-term international opportunity which would enable me to live a dream and bring knowledge of the actuarial profession to millions of diverse Americans – more information to come!

Primary Area of Practice:

Life, Retirement

Other Areas of Practice/Interests:

I have a broad background of experience across insurance and consulting, retirement, life, individual and group, and P&C.

Why do you want to be on the Board?

I believe we have the greatest profession in the world.  I want to continue to champion actuaries and the actuarial profession so we remain at the forefront of the most important business decisions, and relevant in the marketplace. Actuaries can do anything! As we see new roles such as data scientists emerging, it is critical for the actuarial organizations to work together to both promote and improve our unique abilities to provide the right data-driven insights based on our extensive training and professional experience. I’d like to help make a difference for all of us with my positive, motivating leadership.

Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and transparency are essential to professional practice and service on the board. How have you demonstrated ethics and transparency in the past? How will your own ethics and views on transparency influence your decisions and actions as a member of the SOA board?

Team Player

Collaborative working relationships are essential to the governance function of the SOA Board of Directors, especially as board members work with each other, volunteers, and staff to achieve the strategic goals and mission of SOA. Describe a situation from either your professional or volunteer experiences that demonstrated you are a team player.

Intellectual Engagement

Board members need to exhibit curiosity and a desire to learn about areas that may potentially impact the SOA and the profession. How do you stay informed about what is going on nationally and internationally, and how do you apply that knowledge into your work with SOA and the profession.


Respectful and prudent use of resources is an important function of all board members. Explain how you have demonstrated this characteristic in either your work or volunteer experiences and how it will carry over to your role on the SOA Board.

Professional Background

Provide a brief description of your professional background and the type of work you currently do and explain how these experiences have prepared you for the Elected Board Member role.

Volunteer and Governance Experience

Describe how your previous volunteer, personal and governance experiences would strengthen your contributions to the SOA Board and organization.