Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for May 2022.


With roots dating back to 1889, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) is the world's largest actuarial organization with more than 30,000 actuaries as members. The SOA's mission is to advance actuarial knowledge and to enhance the ability of actuaries to provide expert advice and relevant solutions for financial, business and societal challenges. The SOA provides the latest information and developments involving our organization, the actuarial profession and the insurance industry.


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Actuaries work in a variety of industries and fields, including:

  • Life insurance: Actuaries create predictive models and develop products to meet the public's changing needs with life insurance.
  • Longevity and retirement: Actuaries identify risks and new solutions with retirement systems, and ways to address the challenges from increased life expectancy for current and future generations.
  • Health care: Actuaries provide expertise to manage health care and health insurance issues that impact businesses and individuals.
  • General insurance (property and casualty): Actuaries provide expertise with the development of products and services on property and casualty.
  • Enterprise risk management: Actuaries work with businesses to identify and manage current issues and future risks.

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