Past President | Jeremy Brown

Jeremy J. Brown

Jeremy J. Brown, FSA, MAAA

Past President, Society of Actuaries


Jeremy J. Brown retired from Mutual of America Life Insurance Company in April 2015, after serving as executive vice president and chief actuary from 1997–2015. He had previously worked for State Mutual from 1976–1994 and was a consulting actuary in the Milliman Boston office from 1994–1997.

Brown has been an SOA education volunteer since becoming a fellow in 1980. Some of his volunteer roles include:

  • Part 6 Committee (writing and grading questions, vice chair)
  • Chair, Spring Group Benefits Track
  • Task Force to Develop the APC
  • Chair, Professionalism Education Management Committee
  • APC Facilitator
  • FAC Facilitator for over 20 years; FAC Course Director for over 30 FACs
  • General Officer for Professionalism
  • Board Partner for Education
  • Member of the Education Executive Group
  • Chair, ASA Curriculum Review Task Force

President Communications

  • President’s General Session Speech - 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibit

    Read or watch Jerry Brown’s presidential general session speech from the 2017 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit.

  • Presidential Luncheon Speech - 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibit

    Read or watch Jerry Brown’s presidential luncheon speech from the 2016 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit.



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