Requirements for Admission to Examination Center

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Admission to Examination Center


CBT Exams P, FM and C:

Please refer to for details onrequirements.

All other exams:

To be admitted into an examination center, eachcandidate must present a valid Acknowledgement Letter (printede-mail version) which serves as the ticket of admission, and valididentification with a signature and a photograph (e.g., driver'slicense, passport, school or work I.D., etc.). If a photo I.D. isnot available, the candidate must present two forms ofidentification with a signature, with at least one form containinga physical description (height, weight, hair color, eye color,etc.). Each candidate will be required to sign in at theexamination center. A candidate who does not present valididentification, or who refuses or is unable to provide a matchingsignature, will not be permitted to take the examination.