Announcement: SOA releases June 2019 Exam STAM passing candidate numbers and congratulates the new FSAs for August 2019.

Requirements for Admission to Examination Center

Exam Day Information

Admission to Examination Center


CBT Exams P, FM and C:

Please refer to for details onrequirements.

All other exams:

To be admitted into an examination center, eachcandidate must present a valid Acknowledgement Letter (printede-mail version) which serves as the ticket of admission, and valididentification with a signature and a photograph (e.g., driver'slicense, passport, school or work I.D., etc.). If a photo I.D. isnot available, the candidate must present two forms ofidentification with a signature, with at least one form containinga physical description (height, weight, hair color, eye color,etc.). Each candidate will be required to sign in at theexamination center. A candidate who does not present valididentification, or who refuses or is unable to provide a matchingsignature, will not be permitted to take the examination.