Fall 2007 Basic Education Catalog



Retirement DP Canada Segment A Syllabus08.09.07

It has come to our attention that the links in the syllabus to CSOP 3000–3800 in Learning objectives 5, 6, 8 and 11 are incorrect. The correct link is

Retirement DP Canada Segment A and Retirement DP U.S. Syllabi08.09.07

Under Learning Objective 6, we would like to clarify that the second reference to the January 05 Pension Forum means that the entire issue is part of the required readings for that objective.

The syllabi have been revised and posted to the SOA Web site to reflect the corrections listed above.

Exam FM08.08.07

As a result from candidate feedback, we have created sample questions and solutions for Derivatives Markets, by McDonald. These are now available in study note FM–09–07"Sample Questions and Solutions for Derivatives Markets

Exam MLC08.08.07

The following sets of sample questions and solutions were originally inadvertently left off of the online study note listing. These sample questions are available below and are now also available on the online syllabus:

Actuarial Mathematics Second Edition Errata:

  • Page 87, the last line of problem 3.17b; (2k + 1) should be (2k–1).

Group and Health DP Exam Study Note Notice08.08.07

In the complete set of study notes, study note GH–D113–07is missing pages. Since the study note originally did not include page numbers, we are replacing the study note. Candidates should use this replacement copy. This copy is also being mailed to everyone who ordered the study note sets.

Study note GH–D104–07 "Pricing Medicare Supplement Benefits":

  • In Learning Objective 1 of the syllabus, delete study note GH–D104–07 "Pricing Medicare Supplement Benefits," Sections I & II.
  • In Learning Objective 2, add study note GH–D104–07 "Pricing Medicare Supplement Benefits," Sections I & II.
  • In Learning Objective 6, study note GH–D104–07, Sections III and VII were listed as readings for this note. The correct sections are: III and Appendix A.

The syllabus has been revised and posted.

Group and Health DP Exam Study Note Notice–07.09.07

Study Note GH–D116–07 "Economic Incentives in the Sale and Use of Health Insurance" is missing page 6.

Retirement DP Exam, Segment A, Canada–07.09.07

Some of the study note sets were inadvertently printed with the U.S. case study. Canada candidates should useRC–D13–07 "Retirement Benefits Case Study–Canada"

Group and Health DP Exam Announcement–06.07.07

In June, the Fifth Edition of Group Insurance by William Bluhm and the Third Edition of the Canadian Handbook of Flexible Benefits, by Robert McKay will be released. For the November 2007 Group and Health DP exam, candidates will be able to use either the Fourth or Fifth Edition of the Bluhm text and either the Second or Third Edition of the McKay text.

The SOA has posted a revised syllabus on the Group and Health DP page that reflects the chapter references for both editions of each text.