Reimbursement of SOA Committee and Board Expenses

Eligibility: Full-time academic member, SOA Hickman Scholar, Credentialed Ph.D. Candidate.

Qualified Groups: SOA Board of Directors, Board Committees, and any other SOA Committee, Project Oversight Group or Task Force, and the Education and Research Section Council.

Reimbursable Expenses: Reasonable travel, lodging and food expenses associated with meeting attendance, consistent with the Academic Expense Guidelines; it is anticipated that most meetings will be scheduled so that attendance will not require overnight accommodations.

Limits: No individual will be reimbursed more than $5,000 (U.S.) for committee, task force or council meeting attendance per fiscal year. This limit does not apply to Board of Directors Committee attendance, nor to Education and Examination Committee participation, which is under a separate set of guidelines.

Procedure: Eligible member submits expenses to Rachel Siegel for reimbursement. Committee members should follow existing procedures for committees not covered by this benefit (e.g., Education and Examination Committee). Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days from the last date the costs were incurred for the specific Committee or Board meeting.