Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for September 2022.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Meeting Participation

Reimbursement of travel expenses to individuals who meet eligibility requirements and participate in SOA meeting programs as panelists, moderators or in comparable roles.

Eligibility: Full–time Academic member, Full-time Faculty (CAE), SOA Hickman Scholar, Credentialed Ph.D. Candidate

Qualified Meetings: SOA sponsored meetings and seminars.

Contact Rachel Siegel, Academic Administrator to request authorization and information regarding whether a meeting qualifies for this academic benefit.

Type of Participation:

  • Panelist, moderator, teaching session faculty or comparable role, as determined by the chair of the SOA Program Committee
  • Participation as workshop session chair or co–chair, or as recorder, does not qualify

Reimbursable Expenses: Reasonable travel, lodging and food, consistent with the Academic Expense Guidelines; expenses associated with attendance at the entire meeting during which the participation takes place will be reimbursed

Limits: No individual will be reimbursed for more than two such meeting participations in a given fiscal year.

Procedure: Eligible member submits expenses to Rachel Siegel for reimbursement. Committee members speaking on behalf of a committee should follow existing procedures for committees not covered by this benefit (e.g., Education and Examination Committee).

Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days from the last date the costs were incurred for the specific Committee or Board meeting.