41st Actuarial Research Conference, Montreal, 2006

From Aug. 10–12, 2006, the Centre de Recherches Mathematiques and the Universite de Montreal, Canada, hosted the 41st Actuarial Research Conference. The Organizing Committee was composed of Professors Louis Doray (president), Charles Dugas and Manuel Morales. This annual conference is sponsored by the Society of Actuaries, The Actuarial Foundation, American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries, American Academy of Actuaries, Casualty Actuarial Society, Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries. This year, the ARC brought together close to 130 participants from 10 countries on four continents. Most of them were professors of actuarial mathematics at a university, while some others came from the industry or governments.

The Scientific Committee was composed of L. Doray and J. Garrido (Concordia). During two and a half days, about 60 speakers presented the results of their research in 10 sessions on risk models, health insurance, finance, life insurance, mortality, pensions, option pricing and statistical models in insurance. The ARC 2006 was followed by a two–hour workshop sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, where a proposal for a new model for the actuarial education of Canadian students was discussed. The programme, abstracts and a list of participants can be found here.