42nd Actuarial Research Conference, Pittsburgh, 2007

The 42nd ARC will take place Aug. 9–11, 2007, on the campus of Robert Morris University, located about 17 miles west of downtown Pittsburgh, Pa. and 10 minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport. The conference is co–sponsored by Highmark Inc. Highmark, based in Pittsburgh, is one of the leading health insurers in Pennsylvania.

The organizing committee for ARC 2007 is chaired by Professor David Hudakwho is joined by Professors Len Asimow and Mark Maxwell, all of Robert Morris University, and Bill Sarniak of Highmark. A flyer for the conference is located at www.rmu.edu/arc2007. The Web site, along with registration information and a call for papers, will be fleshed out soon. As Ian Duncan mentions in his chairperson's column, a point of emphasis is to attract more participation and research results from practitioners.

Mark your calendars now and plan to visit a scenic spot in the wooded hills of western Pennsylvania.