Editor's Note

News Direct – Number 54 | September 2006

Editor's Note

by Steve Konnath, Editor of This Issue

When we put together a newsletter for you, we submit all of the content about two months in advance of the publication date. I'm writing this editor's note on July 5th. I'm thinking forward and wondering what the rest of the summer will bring to us. What will have happened between July 5th and September 5th?

It is fun to think about what could happen during the next two months and yet it is impossible to predict all that will happen before September 5th. I know, you are asking, "Steve, where are you going with this?!"   Well, I'll tell you. I'm talking about looking forward.

Everyday, we all assess where we are at and figure out the best way to move forward. And, that's what many articles in this issue are about. Looking forward and moving forward.

OK, I'll admit that we do look backwards just a bit with summaries from the Spring SOA meetings and the Product Development Symposium.

We also talk about how you can bring the future to the present with a fascinating article from Geoff Fey of Efficient Forms.

But the rest of this newsletter is about looking out into the future. Check out the article from Richard Berry on "Who Will Sell Life Insurance in Five Years?" If that doesn't get you fired up, check out the article from Jeremiah Desmarais about improving your direct marketing performance. But wait, there's more! We have information about upcoming meetings and events including the Critical Illness Insurance Conference.

As I'm writing this note, Superman Returns is still winning at the box office, Ken Lay just died of a heart attack, the space shuttle Discovery is now in orbit, North Korea just test launched a few missiles, and last night I sat in my brother's driveway with a beer in my hand watching fireworks as we celebrated our nation's 230th birthday. All of that is now in the past. What will the next two months bring for you? Life is exciting.