SOA ’09 Elections!

SOA '09 Elections!

The SOA 2009 election is just around the corner! The polls open on August 3 and close on August 24 at 5:00 p.m. central time. The 2009 Board election slate–in the order they will appear on the ballot–is:

Mary J. Bahna-Nolan
Nancy A. Behrens
Donald J. Segal
Judy L. Strachan

Vice President
Gail A. Hall
Tonya Bowman Manning
Francis P. Sabatini
Sim Segal
Mark J. Freedman
Abraham S. Gootzeit

Elected Board Member
Darryl G. Wagner
Darin G. Zimmerman
Jeffrey A. Beckley
Nicholas John Dumbreck
Jerry F. Enoch
C. Ian Genno
Jennifer L. Gillespie
Joseph Paesani
Valerie A. Paganelli
Ronald L. Poon-Affat
Geoffrey C. Sandler
Jim Toole

Get to Know the Candidates

You can learn more about these candidates in several ways. The President-Elect candidates' video recorded campaign speeches plus a roundtable discussion moderated by Penultimate President Ed Robbins are available on the SOA Web site. All candidates provided a biography containing their designations, area of practice, job title, employer, brief description of the type of work they currently do, professional background, volunteer experience and the answer to a strategic question.

Separate Ballot for Section Council Positions

As usual, there will be a separate ballot, for Section Council positions in each of the Sections. Section Council elections have different constituencies from the election for Board of Directors. Section members must be paid current with their 2009 dues by June 30 in order to vote in this election. Each of the Section Council candidates provided a biography containing professional background, SOA activities, relevant experience and answered a leadership question.

Visit the SOA Web Site for Complete Information

All election information can be found on the SOA Web site at Remember: Online voting for the election will be open 24 hours a day from August 3 until the polls close on August 24 at 5:00 p.m. central time.

Let your voice be heard! Please vote.

Any elections questions can be sent to