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Chairperson’s Column: Viva la Entrepreneurs!

Chairperson's Column: Vive la Entrepreneurs!

by Kevin M. Dolsky

We're off and running! ... and looking forward to a new year for the Entrepreneurial Actuaries Section. Talk about exciting!

We anticipate a number of non-NFL-approved touchdown dances before this year is over. But first ... a moment to give thanks before the fun begins ... kudos to our outgoing chair Chuck Ritzke for great leadership and many hours of service to the EAS. Chuck is not going far, however, as he has agreed to coordinate our Vendor Referral Program for 2008. Also, many thanks to outgoing council members Ian Duncan and Marcus Robinson for their support. And welcome to new council members David Axene, Michael Miele, Timothy Robinson and Frederick Townsend.

Who are you, entrepreneurial actuaries? Holla back!

Being entrepreneurial is about confidence ... it's about self reliance ... it's about personal responsibility ... it's about fun.

Okay, the dictionary defines entrepreneur as a risk–taking business person–someone who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises.

Considering the SOA's promo line, "Risk is Opportunity," we think all actuaries may want to be a part of this section. The SOA, in part, may be emphasizing our opportunities to help someone else with their risk. True enough, but I'd like to emphasize that we are also about helping ourselves with our own risk. Our risk is our opportunity too!

And it's everywhere ... come embrace it with us. Whether you're an independent business owner, a part of a large or small consulting firm or an employee of an insurance or other company, we all have risk and we all need to improve our entrepreneurial skills.

Now, regarding improving entrepreneurial skills ... our section mission includes the objectives to provide education, networking and business resources to section members.

Entrepreneurial actuaries, what do you want? Holla back!

Our plans for this year are quickly coming together. We welcome your ideas on how the section may be of help to you. But hurry as the sale ends soon! (Just a little entrepreneurial trick there to get you to act.)

Seriously, send in your ideas. Feel free to e–mail me directly as I am always interested in ways to increase our section's effectiveness and expand our usefulness to our membership and those not yet a part of our group. We're about growing and exploring and trying new things, like the new name introduced last year. I particularly like some of the French synonyms for the word entrepreneur:

  • architecte
  • fondateur
  • créateur
  • promoteur
  • conquérant
  • constructeur

Try them out and see which one feels comfortable to you

We hope to hear from you. I'll report on our plans for the year–including your input–in the next issue. Together we can be the conquérant of your goals ... or at least some of your risk!

Vive la entrepreneurs!

Kevin Dolsky, FSA, MAAA, is a principal with Actuarial & Health Care Solutions, LLC in Wisconsin and the chair of the Entrepreneurial Actuaries Section. He can be reached at 262.241.5633.