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Record of Society of Actuaries, 1998, Vol. 24, No. 1 - Contents

Record, Volume 24, No. 1

Record, Volume 24, No. 1
Maui I Spring Meeting June 15–17, 1998

This issue of the Record was edited by
Richard D. Cruise (Chairperson), James S. Hawke, Chuck Ritzke (Lead Editor), and Max J. Rudolph.

This volume of the Record contains top sessions based on attendance and sessions approved and/or selected by the various sections of the SOA to be available on the Web.

All sessions that have been transcribed contain a link posted below. If a title does not have a link, no transcript is available. However, the session may be available on tape. Please contact Aven tapes for availability and ordering information at

If you have any questions regarding this and future releases from the Record, contact Glenda Maki, associate editor.