Forecasting Longevity

Learn about the mortality models currently used by actuaries to measure and forecast longevity.

Big Data Essays

Gain insights on how actuaries are applying predictive analytics in life insurance. 

Economic Scenario Generators

Download a practical guide on working with economic scenario generators. It covers specific applications to insurance, pensions and retirement funding.

Job Opportunities


Understanding Risk and Reward

Actuaries with the skills to design, build and communicate economic results are in high demand. Learn the key to really understanding risk and reward. Oct. 13-14, New York, NY.


Investment Boot Camp

Increase your investment acumen. Be ahead of the current trends of liability driven investing, risk management and de-risking strategies. Oct. 23, Las Vegas.

SOA Board of Directors Election and Bylaws Amendment Results

Meet the new SOA Board of Directors' members. The amendment to the SOA Bylaws passed with an affirmative vote of 90.8 percent. 

New Web-Based Regulatory Resource

Read about the new resource that offers members an easy way to search for recently-released regulatory changes.


Boot Camps for Health Actuaries in Portland

Gain a deeper insight into methods, current thinking and alternative solutions to today's issues in valuation and reserving. Nov. 14-15.

Medicare Advantage - Part C and Some Part D Pricing
Interactive, two day course covering new rules, changes and developments. Nov. 14-15.

Advance Commercial Pricing
Explore changes since the ACA, and learn new approahces and tools to price policies. Nov. 14-15.

Learn in an interactive format about actuarial professionalism as it relates to interactions with state regulators. Nov. 16.


SOA Announces Election Results

Following the member election, Mike Lombardi, FSA, CERA, FCIA, MAAA, will serve as 2016-2017 president-elect.

SOA Section Election Results–See Who Won

Meet the new Section Council members for 2016-2017. 

Gain a Fresh Perspective

The General Insurance track to Fellowshp from the SOA features the most up-to-date information, technical and communication skills, and training. Learn more.


On the track, there is no substitute for seat time, meaning actual driving versus classroom sessions. It's the same for building a repertoire of predictive modeling skills.

Get the Inside Track

Meet Vince Granieri, FSA, MAAA, EA, and CEO of Predictive Resources LLC.