2016 Professionalism Ready-to-Go Kit

The Professionalism Ready-to-Go Kit is designed so that an experienced facilitator can use the materials to lead a session on professionalism. It is intended for actuaries at all levels of actuarial experience. The program is portable so it can be delivered anywhere (on the road). This Ready-to-Go Kit uses a case study to illustrate professionalism scenarios and to promote small and large group discussions. 

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Discussion topics

  1. Actuarial Services
  2. Actuarial Communications
  3. Actuarial Standards of Practice
  4. Documentation
  5. Qualified to perform Actuarial Services
  6. Professional Integrity

Learning Objectives

  1. Increase awareness of potential professionalism issues.
  2. Increase understanding of the Code of Professional Conduct
  3. Increase knowledge of the resources that are available when considering professionalism issues.

If you don’t have an in-house facilitator to conduct this workshop, contact Gena Long at the SOA for assistance: ph: +1-847-706-3582.


The workshop is ideal for 20 – 30 participants. It’s intended for individuals engaged in the actuarial profession at any level or any country to fulfill their CPD requirement.


3 to 4 hours is the estimated time to fully complete to workshop. Your individual experience may vary.


1 – 50 people $500
51 – 100 people $750
100 + $1,000
University $250


Resource Materials

The Professionalism Ready-to-Go Kit II includes the following:

  • Facilitator guide
  • Participant guide
  • Slide presentation
  • Logistics guide

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