1991-92 Group Medical Insurance Large Claims Database

Experience Studies – Group Health

The Committee on Health Benefit Systems Research is pleased to announce the availability of the 1991-92 Group Medical Insurance Large Claims Database.

The database includes more than 171,000 claims of $25,000 or more, representing over $10 billion in total charges. Fields include diagnosis (3digit ICD-9 code), type of coverage (HMO, PPO, Indemnity, etc.), claimant status (employee or dependent), and charges split into hospital and non-hospital, in addition to claimant age and gender.

If you would like to order the four diskette set of "1991-92 Group Medical Insurance Large Claims Database," contact Beverly Haynes, Publications Orders Coordinator.

The attached files are broken down as follows: Documentation equals one file; SoA 91 Disk 1/4 & SoA 91 Disk 2/4 equals one files (spans 2 disks); SoA Disk 3/4 & SoA Disk 4/4 equals one file (spans 2 disks). All of them together equal the "1991-92 Group Medical Insurance Large Claims Database."

Each file is compress using PKZIP and spans two diskettes (with the exception of the Word 97 file). Each file is in ASCII delimited format, delimited by commas. The alpha fields are in quotes, the numberic fields all have four decimals places.


SoA 91

SoA 92

Documentation Sheet for Database

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