RP-2014 Mortality Tables

7/11/2018 Update:

Below under ‘Materials’, the amount-weighted RP-2006 Mortality Tables and headcount-weighted RPH-2006 Mortality Tables have been posted in response to user requests. These tables are based on the same data used in constructing the RP-2014 and RPH-2014 Mortality Tables, but with mortality rates as of 2006, the central year of study data.


The Society of Actuaries' (SOA’s) Retirement Plans Experience Committee (RPEC) has released the final report of the RP-2014 Mortality Tables. The primary focus of this study was a comprehensive review of recent mortality experience of uninsured private retirement plans in the United States. The RP-2014 Mortality Tables presented in this report and the Mortality Improvement Scale MP-2014 presented in the companion report form a new basis for the measurement of retirement program obligations in the United States. Below under ‘Materials’, an Excel version of the RP-2014 Mortality Tables has been posted to accompany the RP-2014 Mortality Tables Report.

RPEC released an exposure draft of the RP-2014 Mortality Tables Report in February 2014 and solicited comments on it through the end of May 2014. A summary of those comments and RPEC’s response to them, as well as the original exposure draft, can be found under ‘Materials’.

During the comment period, it became clear that tables of mortality rates weighted by headcount would be useful in addition to the amount-weighted RP-2014 Mortality Tables. RPEC developed these tables and released them in the form of a supplemental report. This supplement is entitled ‘RPH-2014 Headcount-Weighted Tables’ and can be found under ‘Materials’, along with an Excel version of the tables.

The final item under ‘Materials’ is a link to the final Scale MP-2014 Report and supplementary information.


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