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Economic Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Research Projects – Life Insurance


The effects on health attributable to exposure to environmental tobacco smoke(ETS) have become a topic of discussion within the insurance industry. In addition to insurance industry studies showing significantly higher death rates for smokers than non-smokers, research has been published examining the correlation between ETS exposure and causes of illness and death. This paper by the Georgia State University research team of Donald Behan, Michael Eriksen, and Yijia Lin and sponsored by the Committee on Life Insurance Research, explores the impact of ETS exposure on mortality and morbidity and the possible related consequences for the insurance industry. It is hoped that the paper will be a valuable addition to the existing body of research and provide useful information for public policymakers investigating this topic. In addition, it is hoped that life and health insurance practitioners can use these findings to analyze and assess product development, pricing, underwriting and valuation implications of ETS exposure.


Economic Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Members of the Project Oversight Group

  • Tim Harris, Chair
  • Kurt Carbon
  • Dr. Charlotte Lee
  • Jess Mast
  • Paul Laporte

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