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Mortality of Beneficiaries of Charitable Gift Annuities

Research Projects – Life Insurance

Many charitable organizations offer a form of charitable giving in which the donor agrees to transfer assets to the charity in return for an annuity. The issuing organization of the annuity is the charity and not a life insurance company. This research performed by Donald Behan and Bryan Clontz examines the mortality experience of charitable annuities and compares the mortality rates of the beneficiaries to the Annuity 2000 Mortality Table (Basic). The analysis includes mortality by sex, duration, age and type of charitable organization. The Committee on Life Insurance Research is pleased to make available the results of this research project.

Mortality of Beneficiaries of Charitable Gift Annuities

Project Oversight Group

  • Thomas Edwalds, Chair
  • Faye Albert
  • William Carmello
  • Eugene Chen
  • Robert Johansen

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