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Non–Traditional Guarantees on Life and Annuity Products

Research Projects – Life Insurance

Individual life insurance and annuity products contain guarantees that may not have been available in the past. In addition to traditional mortality, expense, and interest guarantees, life products may contain such features as no lapse/secondary guarantees while annuities may have guarantees on living and death benefits. This research, performed by Victoria Pickering and John Glynn, examines individual life and annuity product guarantee features, their associated risks, the methodologies used to analyze, quantify, and manage these risks, and their impact on policyholder behavior. The Product Development Section and Committee on Finance Research are pleased to make available the results of this research project.

Non-Traditional Guarantees on Life and Annuity Products

Project Oversight Group

  • Susan Kimball, Chair
  • Ejaz Haroon
  • Anne Katcher
  • May Lee Low
  • Greg Turner

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