Retirement Literature: An Interdisciplinary Review of Pre–retirement Influences on Attitudes and Decisions Regarding Retirement

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The Pension Section Research Team is pleased to make available the results of this literature search that explores pre-retirement influences on attitudes and decisions regarding retirement. The research was conducted by Linda Smith Brothers, currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.


Retirement Literature: An Inter-disciplinary Review of Pre-retirement Influences on Attitudes and Decisions Regarding Retirement Summary Report

This report reviews sixty papers written since 1990, and summarizes their important points under seven topic areas. The seven topics addressed are:

  • Retirement Trends
  • Influences on the Retirement Decision
  • Participation Decisions
  • Effects of Employer–Sponsored Pension Plans
  • Effects of Health
  • Effects of Stock
  • Effects of Pension Plans on Employee Attitudes and Behaviors

Literature Search Detail

This Excel workbook contains a detailed listing of sources that were searched in the course of the research. The workbook contains three worksheets:

  • A description of the workbook and how it can be used to search for particular material
  • A bibliography of sources identified for the research along with key topics addressed and
  • Detailed reviews of selected articles and other sources.

The workbook is intentionally unprotected to allow a reader to use Excel search, sorting and filtering capabilities. It can be used as a tool for both practitioners and researchers searching for particular literature for a variety of applications.

Note: Neither the author nor the SOA take responsibility for errors or other problems that may occur due to usage of Excel database functionality. If a problem occurs in the file after such usage, it is suggested to download the file again from the SOA web site.

Thank You

The Pension Section Research Team wishes to thank the following individuals on the Project Oversight Group that helped guide this project:

  • Laurel Beedon
  • Tonya Manning
  • Pamela Perun
  • Anna Rappaport
  • Pat Scahill
  • Steven Siegel

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