The Financial Recovery for Retirees Continues

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To measure the effects of the dramatic financial downturn on retirees' finances, the Society of Actuaries (SOA), LIMRA, and the International Foundation for Retirement Education (InFRE) have followed up with the respondents of a 2008 study, Will Retirement Assets Last a Lifetime? In 2009 and again in 2011, the three organizations investigated how these same respondents have been reacting to the long-term effects of the 2008 market downturn and the continuing financial situation.

The 2011 study, The Financial Recovery for Retirees Continues, was fielded in June 2011 and explores the attitudes of 461 retirees who were in the original 2008 and 2009 studies. The results are contrasted with those of the two prior studies.

The original 2008 study surveyed 1,524 retirees ages 55 to 75 with $100,000 or more in household investable assets prior to the financial downturn. The participants were re-contacted in April 2009 and posed a subset of the original questions via an online survey. The report, What a Difference a Year Makes, presents the results of the 2009 survey compared with the original 2008 study.

These reports represent a follow-up effort to a series of focus groups conducted in 2005. For interested readers, the findings from the series of focus groups can be found at  Spending and Investing in Retirement-Is there a Strategy?


The Financial Recovery for Retirees Continues

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