Natural Resource Sustainability Summit

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The Society of Actuaries Research Department announces the release of a paper summarizing its Natural Resource Sustainability Summit held Dec. 12, 2012. For the past few years, the SOA Research Department has been looking at the topic of natural resource sustainability to identify research the SOA could be doing to educate actuaries on this topic and to get actuaries thinking about how they might get involved in this area. The paper contains summaries of the presentations and discussion that occurred during the one-day meeting and outlines many considerations for the SOA involving this topic, as well as offers insights into potential opportunities for the actuarial profession.


Natural Resource Sustainability Summit Report

Thank You

The SOA research department would like to thank the following individuals for their time and effort on this project.

Jeff Beckley
Oliver Bettis  
Paul Brandt-Rauf
Laurie Butler
Frank Grossman
Sam Gutterman
Tim Harris
Dave Ingram
Shiraz Jetha
Aled Jones
Emily Kessler
Mary McKee
John Richardson
Max Rudolph
Jan Schuh
Leonard Sonnenschein
Ronora Stryker