IASB Insurance Contracts Earnings Emergence

Research Projects – Life Insurance

The Society of Actuaries Financial Reporting Section is pleased to make available a new report examining the International Standards Board’s (IASB) Re-Exposure draft, Insurance Contracts, issued in June 2013. Performed by Rodrigo Careaga, Tara Hansen, Asad Khalid, and Bruce Rosner of Ernst & Young LLP, this study illustrates differences in earnings emergence for new business projections between current US GAAP and the proposed standard for a sample of 12 products. Additionally, it shows the impact on earnings emergence of various sensitivity tests.


IASB Insurance Contracts Earnings Emergence Report

Thank You

The Financial Reporting Section Council would like to thank the companies that provided modeling assistance and those individuals who served on the Project Oversight Group:

  • Thomas Herget–Chair
  • Rowen Bell
  • Rod Bubke
  • John Dieck
  • Steven Easson
  • William Hines
  • Burton Jay
  • Craig Reynolds
  • Henry Siegel
  • Stephen Strommen
  • Randy Tillis
  • Ronora Stryker–SOA Research Actuary
  • Jan Schuh–SOA Sr. Research Administrator


If you have questions or comments on this research, please contact Ronora Stryker, SOA Research Actuary, at rstryker@soa.org.