Multiemployer Plan Stress Metrics

The Society of Actuaries is please to make available a report introducing two new metrics to measure financial stress in multiemployer pension plans. Both of these metrics are designed to measure the burden of unfunded liability on active participants. The report was authored by SOA staff Lisa Schilling and Patrick Wiese.


Multiemployer Plan Stress Metrics


If you have any questions of comments regarding the report, please contact Lisa Schilling, Retirement Research Actuary at

Thank You

The authors and SOA extend special thanks to the individuals who volunteered their time and expertise to support the preparation of this paper. This paper does not necessarily reflect their views, nor the views of their employers.

Christian E. Benjaminson
Bruce Cadenhead
James B. Dexter
Paul B. Dunlap
Eric A. Keener
Lawrence I. Pollack
Zenaida M. Samaniego
Josh A. Shapiro
R. Dale Hall, SOA Managing Director of Research
Andrew Peterson, SOA Staff Fellow – Retirement