Financial Perspectives on Aging and Retirement Across the Generations

The Society of Actuaries’ Aging and Retirement Strategic Research Program is pleased to release the results of a study focused on the financial perspectives of aging and retirement of Americans across five generations, including Millennials, Gen X, Early Boomers, Late Boomers and the Silent Generation. In addition, the study seeks to understand how the habits and behaviors from earlier in life played out in the later years of retirement. The material includes a full report of the findings as well as six highlights reports focused on Millennials, a comparison of financial priorities, family obligations, financial risk concerns, financial fragility, and marital status. Also available is the posted questionnaire including a tabulation of all the results. 

The research was conducted by Mathew Greenwald & Associates, Inc.


Financial Perspectives on Aging and Retirement Across the Generations

Difficulty in Gaining Financial Security for Millennials

Financial Priorities, Behaviors and Influence on Retirement

Family Obligations Across Generations

Financial Risk Concerns and Management Across Generations

Financial Fragility Across the Generations

Relationship of Marital Status to Financial Priorities of Five Generations of Americans

Posted Questionnaire and Results

Thank You

The SOA’s Aging and Retirement Strategic Research Program would like to thank the following individuals for their input throughout this project:

Anna Rappaport, Chair
Carol Bogosian
Cindy Levering
Andrea Sellars
Sara Kossek
Mike Nowak, SOA Senior Content Specialist
Steven Siegel, SOA Research Actuary
Barbara Scott, SOA Sr. Research Administrator

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