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An Actuarial Perspective on the Relationship of Patient Centered Medical Homes and Healthcare Costs

This paper helps the audience understand the actuary’s role in estimating the financial impact of primary care programs. In addition, the paper can be used by actuaries to think about key issues when estimating the financial impact of their employers’ and clients’ own primary care programs.


Susan Pantely, FSA, MAAA
Greger Vigen, MBA
Casey Hammer, FSA, MAAA





The authors wish to thank the Society of Actuaries for sponsoring this paper. In particular, the authors thank the Project Oversight Group for their assistance in preparing this paper. In addition, the authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Achilles Natsis, SOA Health Research Actuary, throughout the course of the writing of this paper, Barbara Scott, SOA Research Administrator, and Erika Schulty for managing this effort and helping to bring it to completion. Thanks also to Juliet Spector of Milliman for additional review of the material.

Project Oversight Group Members:

Jeffrey L. Adams, ASA, MAAA
Timothy J. Adams, FSA, MAAA
Justin Kindy, FSA, MAAA
Jed L. Linfield, FSA, MAAA
Daniel D. Maeng, PhD
Rebecca Owen, FSA, MAAA
Brian D. Rankin, FSA, MAAA

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