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  • Living to 100: Survival to Advanced Ages: Insurance Industry Implication on Retirement Planning and the Secondary Market in Insurance
    immediate annuities, investment products and health care products, in order to maximize a set of defined ... varying risk/return characterizations and health care products for the morbidity risk, there are three ...

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    • Authors: Jeyaraj Vadiveloo, Charles I Vinsonhaler, Peng Zhou, Application Administrator
    • Date: Feb 2010
    • Competency: Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Incorporate risk management; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Innovative solutions; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Problem analysis and definition
    • Publication Name: Actuarial Practice Forum
    • Topics: Annuities>Payout annuities; Demography>Longevity; Life Insurance>Underwriting - Life Insurance; Pensions & Retirement>Retirement risks