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  • Better Care Through Understanding the Customer Not Just the Patient
    As actuaries in health care, we spend most of our time focused on reviewing claims, enrollment and clinical ... information is captured while patients are in health care facilities. Yet most people spend only a small fraction ...

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    • Authors: James Dolstad, Craig Cartossa, Justin Hartmann
    • Date: Dec 2021
    • Competency: Results-Oriented Solutions; Strategic Insight and Integration; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving
    • Publication Name: Health Watch
    • Topics: Health & Disability; Health & Disability>Health care; Health & Disability>Health care quality; Health & Disability>Health insurance; Health & Disability>Health risks; Health & Disability>Payment models; Predictive Analytics; Health & Disability>Provider networks; Health & Disability>Provider risk; Predictive Analytics>Modeling techniques