Announcement: SOA releases passing candidate numbers for February 2021 Exam STAM and the new FSAs for April 2021.

Joint Risk Management Section - 2021 Leadership


Frank Reynolds, Chairperson

Sandee Schuster, Vice-Chairperson

David Paul, Secretary

Jiani (Maggie) Ma, Treasurer

Council Members

Gerald Adamski

Vincent Chen

Anthony Dardis

Vy Le

Dayuan (Tom) Mao

Kailan Shang

Ariel Weis

Robert Wolf

Association Liaisons

David Core, CAS Board Liaison

Ken Williams, CAS Staff Support

Helene Baril, CIA Board Liaison

Sandra Caya, CIA Staff Support

Joseph Gabriel, CIA Staff Support

Brian Fannin, CAS Staff Support

Newsletter Editor

Florian Richard

Kailan Shang

SOA Staff

Ladelia Berger, Section Specialist

David Schraub, Staff Actuary