Announcement: SOA releases October 2019 Exam FM passing candidate numbers.

Retirement Section – 2019 Leadership

Mission Statement

The Retirement Section of the Society of Actuaries facilitates the professional development of its members and their adaptation to changes in the retirement industry by:

  • Conducting meetings, webcasts, seminars, and research studies
  • Generating and disseminating literature in the retirement field
  • Providing a forum for its members to connect
  • Providing leadership opportunities


Deborah Tully, Chairperson

Ruth Schau, Vice-Chairperson

Kacy Kreiling, Co-Secretary

Zorast Wadia, Co-Secretary

Julian Robinson, Treasurer


Council Members

Laurie Alook

Jim Anderson

Craig Blumenfeld

Mathieu Laurendeau

Josh Bank, Appointed Member

David Cantor, Appointed Member

Brett Dutton, Appointed Member


Newsletter Editor

Mathieu Laurendeau


SOA Staff

Jane Lesch, Section Specialist

Mary Stone, Retirement Staff Fellow

Sam Phillips, Staff Editor