Long Term Care Think Tank

The Long-Term Care Think Tank is a collaborative effort among experts and thought leaders spanning all corners of the long-term care industry. The group’s mission is to spark innovation through creative thought and carry forward those ideas to truly impactful outcomes that make the financing and delivery of long-term care services more efficient for consumers and the industry at large.


Long-Term Care and the Middle Market: Sizing the Opportunity for New Ways to Finance Long-Term Care
July 2018

Long Term Care Think Tank: Exploring the possibilities for helping the American public manage the financial burden of long term care
February 2016

Land this Plane: A Delphi Research Study of Long-Term Care Financing Solutions
March 2014

Long-Term Care Think Tank Session: “LTCi: From Hope to Change”
March 2010


Long Term Care Think Tank Product Innovation Research Project
Presented at the 2018 SOA Health Meeting
June 26, 2018

Consumer View of New LTC Combo Products
Presented at the 2018 ILTCI Conference
March 19, 2018

LTC Think Tank Research Project Update for NAIC LTC Actuarial Working Group
August 5, 2017

Consumer Attitudes about LTC: Findings from the SOA REX Pool Study
Presented at the 2017 SOA Health Meeting
June 2017

Long-Term Care Think Tank: Activity Update
Presented at the 2017 ILTCI Conference
March 2017

LTC Think Tank Presentation to the NAIC LTC Innovation (B) Subgroup
August 8, 2016

Think Tank Subgroups and Leaders

Data Driven Support

This category addresses how data is used to drive more evidence-based decision-making. Ideas in this category aim to educate caregivers and care recipients, keep them informed of best practices, guide them in making decisions, improve the coordination of care, and obtain longitudinal data required to improve pricing and recommendations.

Leader: John O’Leary

Service Evolution and Expansion

This category addresses consumer needs that relate to where, how or when claims dollars can be spent and how this impacts access to care. Ideas in this category aim to increase the number of caregivers in the system, more efficiently distribute available care to match care recipient needs, more efficiently deploy care-related resources, improve access to quality care, and delay the need for care in the first place.

Leader: Bob Hanes

Paying for Care

This category addresses how long term care costs are funded. Ideas in this category aim to help the industry and consumers to find additional ways of financing long term care, more effectively pool their resources, and make receiving financial reimbursement more familiar.

Leader: Vince Bodnar

NAIC Long Term Care Innovation (B) Subgroup

The NAIC Long Term Care Innovation (B) Subgroup is a subgroup of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners focused on examining the future of financing long-term care with a particular focus on innovative solutions. For more information on this subgroup visit the NAIC website.