Examination Center Classifications

I. Permanent Centers

Exams P, FM, IFM, STAM, SRM, PA, and GIINT: Use Computer Based Testing as their primary testing method; otherwise they have their own set of paper and pencil exam centers. (Exam PA exclusively Computer Based Testing.)

For all other exams: The following locations are permanent test centers where supervisors and exam facilities are regularly provided. Click on the "Exam Centers" link below to view a list of permanent exam centers.

Exam Centers

II. Special Centers

For any remote location not listed above, the candidate has the responsibility of locating the services of a supervisor and examination facilities acceptable to the SOA. The supervisor must be:

  1. a member of the Society of Actuaries, or
  2. a member of the Casualty Actuarial Society, or
  3. a member of the Institute of Actuaries (England), or
  4. a member of the Faculty of Actuaries (Scotland), or
  5. a tenured academic or a qualified testing professional.
  6. If none of the above is available, approval may also be given to the local testing representative at the United States Embassy.

Please contact Ania Jaroszek, Examination Center Logistics Administrator, for a Supervisor's Form and additional information. When the services of a supervisor are secured, please have that person complete the Supervisor's Form and return it to Ania Jaroszek before the registration deadline. After the SOA has given its approval of the supervisor, the candidate's registration will proceed as usual. Please DO NOT register for the exam at another location, you must wait for approval of your center.

Applications, fees, and supervisor forms (where required) must be received by our office before the registration deadline. Late registrations will not be accepted under any circumstance.