Announcement: SOA releases February 2020 Exam FM passing candidate numbers.

Disciplinary Action

The examinations of the SOA are a very significant component of a candidate's career. Therefore, equitable administration of the Education requirements and enforcement of the highest standards of conduct cannot be emphasized too strongly. The SOA has a responsibility to maintain these standards in support of the profession and for the majority of candidates whose conduct is of the highest caliber. It is extremely important that no candidate have an unfair advantage over another.

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) will follow up on any evidence that a candidate has cheated or failed to follow the Examination Rules and Regulations or the SOA Terms and Conditions Agreement for e-Learning Candidates either in letter or spirit. Any irregularity or suspected infraction will be investigated. If it is determined that an infraction has occurred, appropriate discipline will be imposed including, but not limited to, disqualification of the educational requirement and a prohibition against participation in any SOA education related requirement for a specified period. The registration process requires that candidates agree to be bound the above rules.

Examples of Improper Examination Conduct

See the Policies and Procedures for Disciplinary Action related to Education, Examinations and e-Learning for the full procedures followed in disciplinary cases.