Waiver Rules for Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) Exams

Institute and Faculty (IFoA) Exams Passed Waivers from SOA Examination
Core Technical 3 Exam P
CT1 Exam FM
CT2 VEE Accounting and Finance
CT7 VEE Economics
CT4 and CT5 Exam LTAM – Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics
CT6 Exams STAM, SRM, and VEE Mathematical Statistics
CT8 Exam IFM – Investment and Financial Markets
Core Application 1 Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice (FAP) Modules 1-5 and FAP Interim Assessment
CA2 FAP Modules 6-8 and FAP Final Assessment
Specialist Application 1 (SA1) and Specialist Technical 1 (ST1) Group & Health Core and Advanced Exams
SA2 and ST2 ILA Life Pricing and Life Finance and Valuation Exams
SA3, ST7, and ST8 GI Introduction to Ratemaking and Reserving and Advanced Topics Exams
SA4 and ST4 Retirement Design and Accounting and Retirement Plan Investment and Risk Management Exams
SA5 and ST5 CFE Foundations in CFE and Strategic Decision Making Exams
SA6 and ST6 QFI Core and Advanced Exams
ST9 and CERA Seminar ERM General Corporate Exam

Generally, all Institute and Faculty (IFoA) courses should have been acquired by passing the examinations.  However, IFoA exemptions for Subjects CT1-CT8 are acceptable provided that the exemptions were acquired through an accredited IFoA university program.  Exemption waiver credit from another system of actuarial education to IFoA credit will not be accepted by the SOA for waiver/exemption of its courses.

For more information on the Society of Actuaries Waiver Rules please contact Brett Rogers at brogers@soa.org